Hello speed
  • Digital impressions are 59% quicker than conventional ones1
  • Full arch scans in as little as 60 seconds2
  • ClinCheck treatment plans post to the Invisalign doctor site three times faster than traditional impressions3
  • Limit the downtime associated with PVS

 Hello accuracy
  • 10x fewer rejections of iTero scans than traditional impressions when submitted for Invisalign aligner production4
  • Digital scans can provide a more complete picture for restorations and aligners
  • Qualify changes in teeth movement, tooth structures, and oral soft tissue using 3D data
  • Improved acceptance can mean a more efficient practice

 Hello better experiences
  • 100% of surveyed patients preferred digital impressions over traditional, due to taste, gagging, and comfort concerns1
  • 60% of patients that are shown an Invisalign Outcome Simulation accept Invisalign treatment5
  • Eliminate the fear and discomfort of PVS
  • Better experiences can equal more referrals
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