Innovative tooth movement designed just for dentists.

Invisalign Go treatment allows you to:

  • Treat mild to moderate malocclusion cases
  • Get outcomes you can count on with enhanced movement predictability
  • Use up to 20 aligners
  • Move teeth from second pre-molar to second pre-molar
  • Expand arch width
  • Case selection tool to assess cases within minutes.
  • Compare treatment plans side by side and make real-time modifications.

The NEW ClinCheck® "In-Face" Visualization Tool

You can now:

  • Enhance the digital treatment planning experience for you and your patients by incorporating a wide smile image of a patient’s face into their ClinCheck treatment plan
  • Generate a compelling, clinical visualization of their patient’s teeth within an actual image of their face
  • Use the visual as a guide in consultations with patients to educate and highlight the benefits of teeth straightening and discuss the optimal Invisalign clear aligner treatment option for each individual patient

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Invisalign Photo Uploader.

This easy-to-use app enables you to create new Invisalign patient records, as well as take and upload high-quality patient photos automatically into the Invisalign Doctor site.

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